Learning To See The Aura

Seeing auras is perfectly natural, and it is likely that we learned not to see auras very early in life. The process to start seeing the aura again is a very simple set of eye exercises. When following these exercises, please be careful not to strain your eyes. Be patient and take your time. Please review the eye strain warning at the bottom of this page.

Result Expectations: By following the exercises on this page you should begin to see results within a few weeks to a few months. The time required varies between different people, however, simple results will most likely become evident within the first few weeks.

Seeing Auras- Eye Exercises - Exercise #1

Speed of movement is the key in this exercise. Not so much jumping all over the place wildly, but in a fast controlled fashion. The objective is to move quickly from point to point as quickly as possible, but to also focus on those points clearly.

Seeing Auras: Eye Exercises - Exercise #2

In this exercise speed is less important. The focus here is on precision and depth. Keeping a relaxed pace is the best approach in this exercise. Focus precisely, and move at a steady rhythm.

Seeing Auras: Eye Exercises - Exercise #3

This exercise is aimed specifically at our ability to see soft and secondary colors. It also shows us a base technique by which we may see the aura. A soft gaze is what we aim for in this exercise, and you'll have to proceed very slowly at first.


EYE STRAIN WARNING: If you over work your eyes with the exercises presented for seeing the aura, you can cause yourself eye strain which is very painful. Please note that this eye strain is no different than that which can occur from watching tv, or too much time on the computer. Be patient as you work through these exercises and don't rush yourself. Straining your eyes will only cause you temporary pain and discomfort, and you will learn to see the aura slower as a result.


The Aura - Basics

Seeing Auras

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