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When considering the aura, there is a point that should be made from the beginning. Technies for aura balancing also have the effect of aura balancing, and at the same time, they also have an aura cleansing effect.

There is one difference in the techniques, and that is where we discuss aura cleansing baths. Because of the powerful psychological connenction between a bath and cleaning, these cleansing baths tend to be extremely powerful for aura cleansing.

That being said, an aura cleansing bath will also help to balance and strengthen your aura as well. All of these conceptions and metaphysical constructions are so interwoven you can't affect one without affecting the others as well.

The cleaning and balancing of your aura is an important step on your personal development journey. Scattered and imbalanced energies can lead to many problems and definitely make the road far more difficult than it needs to be.

Simple Aura Balancing (also provides Aura Cleansing as well as Aura Strengthening)

This is a very simple meditation intended to help clean and balance your aura.

When you first start out with this meditation technique I would recommend trying it for 5 minutes a day. For most people this is more than sufficient when maintained over a period of time. Of course, there is no harm in increasing the time or frequency, or even increasing both the time and the frequency.

Advanced Aura Balancing (also provides Aura Cleansing as well as Aura Strengthening)

This meditation combines the one above with the Simple Breath meditation found in the section entitled Getting Started.

With this meditation you combine the benefits of the aura healing and the deeper focus of Simple Breath. The result is a far more powerful experience and a faster balancing of the aura.

As a first step, you should become familiar with the Simple Breath meditation while using the aura meditation above as a separate one. After you have become proficient in both meditations, you will find this one easier to adopt.

A Cleansing Bath for the Aura (also provides Aura Balancing as well as Aura Strengthening)

A cleansing bath can be simple yet powerful. These baths promote a relaxed state that will better enable you to better focus when practicing the meditations above. Such a cleansing baths is also very powerful way to help clean, balance, and strengthen your aura.


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