Simple Aura Balancing (also provides Aura Cleansing as well as Aura Strengthening)

The best position for this meditation is standing, though it can be effectively practiced in any position.


How and why it works

The blue light is a solid color for protection and will help with aura strengthening, while the golden ball and flecks of gold will help with aura cleansing. Having the blue light balanced around you will help to bring your aura into balance, and even out your energies while smoothing out any holes and causing them to be sealed as the energies balance.

Breathing in white light pulls clean and pure energy into you, while exhaling the black helps you to expel negative energies. Please note that black is not actually a negative color, however with the psychological view society has placed on the color, it does tend to work quite well for this purpose.


Step 1: Visualize yourself surrounded in blue light.

Step 2: Visualize a sphere of golden light above your head.

Step 3: Visualize flecks of gold light floating down from golden sphere.

Step 4: Visualize breathing in white light, and breathing out black light.


The complete visualization should have you surrounded in blue light, with a golden ball above your head and golden flecks of light floating down through the blue light. You are inhaling white healing light and exhaling sickness and bad energies as black light.

This meditation is a good way to keep your aura clean, and at the same time, you will keep your aura well balanced. Even badly damaged auras can repaired using this technique. You simply need to invest the time and effort.


The Aura - Basics

Seeing Auras

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